Bolton Ferret Welfare

Whose turn to win
Left: The end of a ferret race but whose turn is it to win?

Bolton Ferret Welfare can do ferret racing at country shows, fetes and similar events. We can also put on ferret racing at indoor venues which is popular as a social event to raise funds for various clubs etc. However, for this type of event we usually ask for a fixed fee to cover our expenses with the orgniser handling the actual fund raising by asking folk to sponsor a race, name the ferrets, plus having a little flutter on the outcome of the race, etc. Some organisers will print out a race card giving each race a title plus the "names" of the ferrets (the names given are not the names we have for the ferrets, it's not unusual for a jill to be given a male name). We can normally do 6 or 7 races at this type of event. One event we took part in 2015 raised over £1000 and this year they raised £1700 for the junior members section of a golf club and we've been invited back this year because the members enjoyed it so much.

Ferrets are NOT wild animals; they have been domesticated for over 2000 years and are the descendants of the wild polecat and are members of the Mustelidae family of animals that include the weasel, stoat, otter and badger.

Ferrets are kept by a wide variety of people, either as working animals or as pets. They range in colour from albinos, through various darker markings, to the polecat coloured ferret, which retains the dark mask of the wild polecat.

A working ferret is one that is used for flushing wild rabbits out of their burrows, which is a humane and environmentally acceptable means of pest control.

Pet ferrets can be great companions. They play actively, especially with a companion and like nothing better than to rummage in whatever is available! Their motto being "If I can reach it I can wreck it!" Ferrets that are neutered lose the strong musky smell and have no more body odour than other pets.

....... Look after your ferret properly and it will work its heart out for you, or be an excellent companion.

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Try the British Federation of Ferret Welfares only £30 for 12 months membership.
(Bolton Ferret Welfare is a member of the B.F.F.W.)