Bolton Ferret Welfare

Behind The Wire #07

We regret to announce that Fred the Ferret, our much-loved columnist, has suffered a serious fall at home. He was rushed to veterinary hospital and detained for two days with suspected spinal damage. Fred was in shock and too ill to X-ray. His prognosis was poor but he rallied somewhat and returned home on the third day.

At the time of going to press, Fred is resting and managing to eat Galaxy ice-cream. Although he never talks about it, Fred clearly had a terrible start in life. He is small and his front feet are twisted. He is not as robust as the other members of his family and must have tumbled off a hutch in his shed.

We know you will join us in desperately hoping that Fred will recover.


Jenny Loweth

(From Ferrets First - August/September 2002 - #07)

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