Bolton Ferret Welfare

Favourite Links

Low cost vets who care: check out their neutering and vaccination prices.

Phil Rickman
Nothing to do with ferrets, Phil is my favourite author - writes the Merrily Watkins series, a C of E Deliverance minister, plus check out his supernatural novels and the two historical Dr Dee novels.

Pinxton Puppets
If you need a puppet theatre for your event Pinxton Puppets come highly recommended - plus they provided an excellent commentary for Bolton Ferret Welfare Ferret Racing should you wish to book the puppets and ferrets for the same event.

Lurcher Link Rescue
Lurcher Link is a rescue specializing in the care, rehabilitation and re-homing of lurchers in need. We save dogs from put to sleep situations and other desperate circumstances and place them into carefully checked and selected homes. We take on dogs which other rescues view as too ill, injured or psychologically damaged, and liaise carefully with expert behaviorists and vets to give these dogs a second chance.
Lurcher Link operates nationally through a network of volunteers, who transport, foster and assess dogs in their own homes, donate and raise funds for the running costs and vet bills and help out in whatever way they can. We also work closely with other rescue organizations, pounds and dog wardens.
We are entirely self funded, receiving no financial help from the government or other agencies. We depend on our volunteers and need all the help we can get. By supporting the rescue you are making a contribution to our work.
If you would like to get more involved, please contact Kaye via email at or join our online forum at

Healthstyle Emporium
For all your ferret needs ie. Food, Indoor and Outdoor cages, Toys, Playpens, etc.

The Countryside Alliance
If you want to learn how country pursuits aid conservation check this site out.

The NFU Countryside
Comprehensive UK online resource for rural issues and news, countryside events and attractions..

The Countryman's Weekly
The best country pursuits paper in the UK.

Droitwich Ferret Welfare
Run by Anne Robinson - ferrets available for adoption

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