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maisy and daisy

MAISY: Hey, duck, look at me!

DAISY: I do, with astonishment! You appear to be naked except for a strand of gold tinsel.

MAISY: Those Calendar Girls are practically in ther next village from us. All that stardom for posing naked with a culinary object. We can exploit the promimity with Calendar Jills.

DAISY: Forget it, duck. Exploit your own proximity if you must. You won't catch me in the buff with a baking tray.

MAISY: Don't be daft. It'll be done in the best possible taste. I myself personally will be Miss December. There are endless possibilities with baubles and soft lighting.

DAISY: You'll need baubles and a blackout. Get dressed before you catch your death. And for heaven's sake, put those chocolate coins back in the Christmas box. Although I can't say I fancy them much now.

MAISY: It's time I exposed myself to a wider audience. A touch of glamour could be a real career booster. Perhaps I'd rather be Miss August, posing behind a trophy table?

DAISY: You haven't as much as a pair of rosettes to hid your modesty. I'd stick with the baubles. And talking of 'sticking' haven't you just sat on a chocolate coin?

MAISY: Yuk, it's all stuck to me fur. I simply must dash for a shower.

DAISY: Don't trip over your tinsel.

MAISY: Oooops! Yikes! Yowwwch!

DAISY: Well you're certainly full exposed now, duck.

(From Ferrets First - October/November 2003 - #14)

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