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maisy and daisy

MAISY: Giddyup, duck, you're getting left behind.

DAISY: Left behind sounds good to me.

MAISY: Don't be daft. Just hang on and keep your heels down.

DAISY: Woe! Woe!

MAISY: Stop your mithering

DAISY: I'm telling him to 'whoa'. Slow down, boy. Nice horsey.

MAISY: We're only trotting. Wait 'till we get on to the beach. We can have a good gallop.

DAISY: Don't even go there. You said you didn't have to be able to ride to do this pony trekking. When did you learn, anyway?

MAISY: All celebs can ride, duck. It's a must for the CV. What if I was cast for Braveheart?

DAISY: Yeah, right.

MAISY: I'm a natural. My instructor said he'd never seen a seat like mine.

DAISY: I'll bet.

MAISY: You're socially dead at country house parties if you don't know your snaffle from you surcingle. Come on, duck. Up, down! Up, down! You're like a sack of spuds on horseback.

DAISY: At least I'm not like a sack of spuds all the time.

MAISY: What's that, duck?

DAISY: Errrr...these blossom buds look very fine.

MAISY: Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Anybody who's anybody can ride a horse. I myself personally...

DAISY: Oooo, look, the beach. I think I'm getting the hang of this horse riding malarky. I can't wait to have a gallop!

MAISY: Well, duck. I won't mind if you can't keep up with me on your first attempt. You really mustn't worry if you fall off.

DAISY: I won't if you fall off first!

MAISY: Pardon, duck?

DAISY: Nothing. Look out, here we go.

TREK LEADER: Whole ride, prepare for canter.

DAISY: Whhhhheeeeeee! This is fun!

MAISY: Cor blimey! Me flippin' saddles' slippin'! Aaaarrrrggghh! Ooof!

DAISY: Never mind, duck: 'I can ride' comes before a fall!

(From Ferrets First - August/September 2004 - #19)

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