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maisy and daisy

MAISY: My populace is widening

DAISY: Never mind, duck. Give the F-Plan diet another go.

MAISY: Don't be daft. I mean more people have heard about me now I'm on line and in the net.

DAISY: I thought your working days ended after you got wedged in that rabbit hole a few years back.

MAISY: Wedged? Nonsense duck. I paused for a little nap, that's all. And I really don't see why you always have to bring that up.

DAISY: It took two hours hard digging to bring you up!

MAISY: Ha, ha! You think you're so funny. Anyway, it's not that sort of net.

DAISY: What sort is it then?

MAISY:'s not a rabbit net.

DAISY: Is it a hare net?

MAISY: Quite the little comedian aren't you? You'll see, this net will make me a household name. My horizons will broaden.

DAISY: From where I'm standing, they look pretty broad already.

MAISY: What's that, duck?

DAISY: Where's Mrs Weasel? Isn't it her day to clean? You haven't sacked her again, have you?

MAISY: I sent her to buy some washing powder.

DAISY: There's a new packet of Persil in the utility room.

MAISY: I know, duck, but we needed to Surf the net.

DAISY: You haven't put your new computer in the washing machine?

MAISY: As if?

DAISY: Thank God for that!

MAISY: What do you think I pay a cleaner for?!

(From Ferrets First - September 2005 - #25e)

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