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Our Family

by Kingswinford Codger

Our first ferret was found very near to death on the local common. If you managed to read our previous article you will recall that he was brought home in an old potato sack, hence his name: Spud. He was given plenty of TLC and we managed to pull him round to be a great ferret.

Spud is an albino and at the time seemed quite a lonely little chap so we thought it best to get him a pal. Frankie, a sandy hob, arrived after which there was no stopping us. Next came Jilly, a little lady who was useless at working and was destined to be knocked on the head, which in turn led to us having her daughter Misty and grandsons, Toby and Oozy (all polecats) plus, from another source, an unwanted black-eyed white called Ted.

Jilly was a little so-and-so towards the others and when she laid hold she really meant it. But miracles do happen and Michelle of Wolverhampton Ferret Rescue managed to pair her up with a handsome polecat hob called Hugo.

Our next arrival was Sweep and he mixed well with the Brothers Grimm and big Ted, playing for hours on end; all had boundless energy. I say the Brothers Grimm as they couldn't wait to give you a bite or two! Ozzy learned very quickly not to do such things but his brother Toby took much longer to learn and I had some really nasty bites off him, but with a lot of patience and many hours of handling I think and hope that we have got there.

Bud and Pearl came from Michelle's but we only had dear Bud for eleven days; he suffered fits and had to be put to sleep. It was horrific to see the poor little chap in such a state, but to be fair we knew he was a poorly lad when we took him on. So Pearl was introduced to Spud's group. Misty wasn't too keen at first but as soon as their pecking order was sorted out all was well.

So now we have Spud, Frankie, Misty and Pearl in one group; Toby, Ozzy, Sweep and Big Ted in another with Hugo and Jilly in another and very fine they all are too.


Since writing this piece we are saddened to say that Pearl went off her legs and was put to sleep. Hugo has also passed over the Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with lymphoma. The big fellow went downhill more or less overnight. He was operated on but there were five other tumours including the one on his spleen so we let him go whilst he was on the operating table. How on earth he looked so well up to those last few days I'll never know. This of course leaves little Jilly on her lonesome so we may have a challenge ahead with mixing, but we may know someone who can help fill our gaps!

(First published September 2010)

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