Bolton Ferret Welfare

Ohhhh Lovely, Sunday Din Dins

by Bennie Lye

Every Sunday the hooligans have their Sunday dinner, yep yummy chicks!

Ollie (who has since departed) eats his so quickly that he's sick, normally right beside me, then he goes grab another one and takes it into their digging pit (old sink) and settles himself down to enjoy his dinner. Denis Menace takes his into a corner bed and eats the head, leaves the rest and goes find another head to eat. Meanwhile the bodies he leaves behind are eaten by Rupert as he likes his chick partially started - something I drawn the line at doing!

Both Wallace and Algie Pug like to have a bit of warm cat meat first then they drag their chicks up pipes to their beds and that's the last I see of them until it's treat time.

Blondie and Maggie will both want the same chick which always ends up with the head flying in one direction and the body in the other. THEN they both leave the remains and go for other ones! Blondie will then drag as many as she can get in her mouth (three necks fit rather snugly, although the bodies are somewhat bulky) up the main yellow pipe for later, as if they stay up there untouched. She doesn't eat those; oh no she'll find someone else's stash to eat. Whilst Maggie then expects me to shake a chick and drag it over the floor for her which she'll then pounce on and generally throw around - tenderising? - before taking into their 'sawn off' watering can and lays down to chomp her way through.

Rosie takes her chick and eats it just inside one of the shorter pipes so all you can see of her is her tail sticking out from the end, hissing at anyone who has the temerity to want to use the pipe.

Beryl Peril likes to go round and generally clean up any body bits left over from Rupert and Denis Menace. A wing here, a leg of two there...

Now Florence, after completely turning her nose up at ANY raw meat for several months finally decided to see what all the others made a fuss about. Now she can smell chicks from a mile away. When I go in, she immediately pokes her head out of her bed, comes running down to where I'm putting the chicks out, chooses one, then climbs into the bucket where I keep the clean sawdust for their litter and snuggles down to chomp her way through every last bit of downy feathers.

So how do yours eat theirs?

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