Bolton Ferret Welfare

Yarm Ferret Rescue - November 2015

by Sue Lloyd

2015 has seen quite a few of my older ferrets either die or put to sleep. So when a younger jill presented with a swollen face it was a case of what now? The swelling turned out to be an abcess which responded to 7 days of Baytril but there was still a hard lump behind the abcess site so my operated and cleaned the site up, sending a sample to the laboratory. A course of Noroclav (Amoxycillin) cleared the area up along with bathing the abscess site with salt water. The laboratory report said infected cellulitis - Pyogranulomatous cellulitis. A full recovery was made.

October saw my Yarm Ferret Show with John Manton's sandy hob kit taking Best Kit and Best In Show. John is a very experienced working ferreter and shows at out local agricultural shows. He was a very popular winner; the kit had also gained the same double honours at Castleton Show in September.

Money raised from Yarm Show invariably goes to paying seemingly endless vet's bills although my vets - Stokesley Veterinary Practice treat me very well with discounts and a vet there, Hannah El-Sharif, has a particular interest in ferrets.

Recently we used an ultra sound scanner on a jill with health problems; her organs showed up clearly and the problem was detected without guess work or invasive surgery. No anaesthetic or sedation was required. This was not the first time we'd used an ultra sound scanner and it is a very useful diagnostic tool.

Sadly I have another ferret with Aleutian Disease Virus and another local vet practice has reported another case. WE NEED A VACCINE!!

To end with a happy tale. A local ferreter went to collect three working ferrets no longer wanted by the lads who owned them. The ferrets were well fed but kept in dirty conditions. After boxing up the three ferrets the ferreter noticed a jill by herself; old, bald and blind with cataracts.

"She's old, we're going to chuck her to the terriers", one of the lads said.

The ferreter scooped the jill up and took her home as well. She has come to live with me, she has soon found her way around and after sprays of Xeno 200 is growing a full coat back.

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